About Us

Surrounded as we all are with chemicals and artificial or synthetic products which are doing more harm than good to us, and busy as we are in our sedentary life-styles, we totally seem to have lost our connection with THE NATURE.
We are doing “CONVENIENT” than “CONVINCING” things. When it comes to ailment, every cure we undergo seems to have its own quota of complications. It is about time that we go back to Our Roots, Our Mother Earth - The Nature.
We, at Classique, are bringing the nature's love to you. Ours is a venture established by HC Arora, an enterprising, untiring and devoted individual. He has four decades of professional experience in the service sector, having served large multinational companies in India and abroad. He is backed by professional ayurvedic doctors for consultations, guidance and advice. To read about him, visit his website www.hcarora.com.

We are a young, progressive, health and wellness Organization and our continuous focus is on developing natural preparations for the masses based on daily use kitchen items and herbs, without using harmful ingredients or preservatives in our preparations.
We have committed ourselves to the Service of Humanity with special emphasis on improvement of human life. We strive to make human beings disease-free by offering natural products without any side effects.
Our sole mission is to provide best of the health-related products and services. The products are made under strict quality control to ensure consistency in quality.

We stand apart from others in some way or the other.

Our USPs:

  • Use of imported Apple Cider Vinegar (Heinz USA).
  • Use of good quality natural honey (Acacia / Lichi / Eucalyptus).
  • No use of preservatives or harmful chemicals.
  • No use of water in the Syrups.

Our Values

  1. Commit ourselves to the Service of Humanity.
  2. Choose honesty above perfection.
  3. Be truthful.
  4. Apologize if & when a mistake is made.
  5. Practice integrity
  6. Maintain loyalty
  7. Deal with respect.
  8. Demonstrate high ethical standards in activities.
  9. Foster mutually beneficial relations with customers and business associates
  10. Promote a culture of openness and mutual trust.

Our Mission

  1. To provide exceptional quality healthcare products.
  2. Strive and make SKSB the most respected and sought-after brand.

We Belive In


Honesty is the Best Policy. We believe in this old-age adage and have been serving the Humanity observing full honesty and fair dealings with one and all.

Customers Setisfaction

We strongly believe in the dictum that a happy customer brings in ten more. A happy customer thus turns the company into a happy concern.


Our team is our strength, be it our employees, customers or business associates.


Empowering people to celebrate Health & Happiness and get more out of Life.